We are thrilled to be able to offer our yarns for wholesale!
Wholesale Terms can be found at the bottom of the page.


North Bay Fiber. We specialize in custom milled, handdyed, breed-specific, non-superwash, 100% American wool yarns.


Here is a brief overview of what makes our custom-milled yarns stand out: 

* Breed-Specific Excellence: Our yarns are carefully crafted from 100% American wool, ensuring top-notch quality and unique characteristics specific to each breed.

* Non-Superwash Goodness: We take pride in offering non-superwash yarns, preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the fibers.

* Proudly Sourced, Spun, and Handdyed 100% in the USA: Our yarns embody a genuine labor of love as we proudly source, spin, and handdye them entirely in the U.S.A. Working closely with small farms and mills, we take immense pride in delivering beautiful, American-made yarns to our customers.



Elemental Line

Our Elemental yarn line is available for wholesale. Elemental is a non-superwash, worsted-spun yarn with a fine twist that reduces pilling. When dyed, Elemental’s white fibers produce a brilliant finish with unsurpassed deep vibrant colors. Boasting exceptional softness at 20 microns, the yarn’s springy and smooth nature make it an excellent choice for stockinette, cables and lacework too! The resulting fabric is ideal for everyday garments and accessories.

Our Elemental line needs to be ordered in amounts of 8 skeins per color.

Elemental Fingering
Suggested Retail: $35 (Wholesale price $17.50)
Elemental Fingering is currently not available until Fall of 2024.

Elemental Sport
Suggested Retail: $34 (Wholesale price $17.00)
Elemental Fingering is currently not available until Fall of 2024.

Elemental Worsted
Suggested Retail: $33 (Wholesale price $16.50)
Elemental Worsted is currently not available until Fall of 2024.

Elemental Bluky
Suggested Retail: $35 (Wholesale price $16.00)



* * *



Heritage Line

Our Signature Heritage yarn is available for wholesale. Heritage is a non-superwash, woolen-spun yarn that is 100% sourced, spun, and hand-dyed in Michigan. Heritage is spun from Targhee-Polypay sheep with a 23 micron. This outstanding rating reflects the quality of care provided by the Michigan farm that raises them.

Our Heritage line needs to be ordered in increments of 10 skeins per color.

Heritage Fingering
Suggested Retail: $19 (Wholesale price $9.50)

Heritage Sport
Suggested Retail: $18 (Wholesale price 9.00)


Heritage DK
Suggested Retail: $17 (Wholesale price $8.50)




* * *


Journey Line

Journey is currently not available for wholesale. 


* * *



• 50 gram skeins (Heritage Line) are sold in increments of 10 skeins per color. 
• 100 gram skeins (Elemental Line) are sold in increments of 8 skeins per color. 
• Order minimums are $1500. 
• Re-order minimums are $500. 
• A 50% deposit is required with all orders to establish your position in the production queue.
• We dye to order and current turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks + shipping time. 
• Once your order is complete, you will receive an electronic invoice for the remaining balance, plus shipping (FedEx Ground). Orders will ship once payment is received.
• All wholesale orders may be emailed to jill@northbayfiber.com









We are always happy to help with any color suggestions!