Jumbo Skeins - Elemental Sport


One of te production steps we take before dyeing our yarns is making skeins direct from the cones of yarn. We are not sure what happened here, but this time when we were creating some of our standard 100 gram skeins of Elemental Sport, we got a little overzealous and ended up with a handful of Elemental Sport skeins that are approximately 150 grams! These jumbo skeins contain approximately 488 yards / 444 meters of our loved Elemental Sport. 

We love these jumbo skeins for a one skein project because there's no need to add a new skein or dyelot!

The following projects are perfect for just one jumbo skein of Elemental Sport:

Lunar by Janina Kallio

Milkweed Shawl by Laura Chau

Airy Breeze by Gretha Mensen

Shoals Shawl by Derya Davenport

Calais Shawl by Judy Marples  FREE PATTERN

Naturally Southern Scarf by Kathy Lashley  FREE PATTERN

We have a small selection of these Jumbo Skeins on the website now. Available while supplies last.