The Wool 

Heritage is our exclusive Signature Line. This yarn is spun from Targhee-Polypay sheep. This breed is known for their consistent, quality fleece. The fine wool heritage of the Targhee-Polypay breed is evident in it’s wool. The yarn is soft and fine, but also durable, perfect for everyday garments and accessories. The yarn is lofty and great for colorwork, but also contains enough body to showcase texture.

The 23 micron on the Heritage yarn line means this Targhee-Polypay wool is top of it's class! This outstanding rating is a reflection of the outstanding care put into these sheep by the farm that raises them. 

You might be wondering what a micron is. A micron is a unit of measurement used to measure the diameter of wool fibers. A wool’s diameter is the most important factor in determining its value. The lower the number, the finer the wool. A 23 micron is well into the range of a fine wool!




The Source 

Curious about the farm where I've sourced my wool?

The source for my first yarn is from Great Lakes Lamb. This sustainable farm, in northeast Michigan, is dedicated to balancing the needs of animals and plants in our shared environment.

When I first met the farmers and their sheep I saw that animal care and comfort are a top priority. The farm heritage at Great Lakes Lamb spans more than ten generations! These farmers provide access to high-quality food and monitor flock health every day. Nutrition and animal care are a major factor in wool quality!

I am honored to source this premium wool for my first yarn here at North Bay Fiber.



The Mill

Heritage is milled at Zeilinger Wool Co in Frankenmuth, Michigan. A fourth generation wool mill that has been around since 1910, they take great pride in creating beautiful products from natural, biodegradable resources. They are extremely passionate about their work and their customer service is outstanding. 


April Zeilinger has held my hand though the start of creating my own yarn line. I couldn't have had a better person help me along the way!