In the short time that I've owned North Bay Fiber, I have met wonderful people who have opened the doors to unique opportunities. With that, I am excited to share another big step in my yarn journey.
Earlier this year, April Zeilinger, of Zeilinger Wool Co. introduced me to Jeane deCoster, owner of Elemental Affects. Elemental Affects is a hand-dyed yarn company that sources and develops breed-specific yarns from U.S.A. ranches and mills. This has always been my goal at North Bay Fiber, and April knew Jeane would be a valuable colleague in helping me learn as I grow.
My conversations with Jeane revealed both her wealth of knowledge AND her desire to downsize her own yarn business. 
The Elemental Affects' Cormo yarn line is simply beautiful. Jeane spent years sourcing the perfect Cormo wool. This sustainably sourced yarn has an average micron of 21! 
Jeane took this carefully selected soft white fiber and spun it into a non-superwash, worsted-spun, plump, springy, and strong yarn with a next-to-skin softness. When the opportunity arose to add this beautiful and unique base to my North Bay Fiber yarn line, I simply couldn't resist.
Even better, acquiring Jeane’s Cormo line also comes with the opportunity to hand-dye my own yarn. Jeane's unique method of dyeing creates a uniform color to the yarn that is unsurpassed. This move will create a one of a kind product that will distinguish North Bay Fiber. 
The transition of ownership of this yarn has begun. Over the next couple of months Jeane will train me on all responsibilities that come with owning this yarn, including coming to Michigan to teach me her dye process!
I am honored to add this outstanding Cormo to the North Bay Fiber collection. I look forward to adding the North Bay Fiber touch to this beautiful yarn and sharing it with you!
Thank you so much for your support!

Starting North Bay Fiber is a dream come true. I hope you follow along as I share my journey; the story, sourcing, process, patterns, and of course…the YARN!⁣
~ Jill Zielinski