Geogradient MKAL by WestKnits


Kits for the Geogradient MKAL hosted by WestKnits!

For more details on the MKAL and to join, please visit HERE.


All kits are contain 4 skeins of Elemental Fingering; one skein of each color.


North Bay Fiber Elemental Fingering
(100% domestic Cormo wool; 465 yd / 425 m per 100 g)     


• KIT 1 colors: Zinna, Kayak, Hot Shot, and Jiggin'
• KIT 2 colors: Natural, Luna, Higgins, and Watershed
• KIT 3 colors: Sand Point, Clay Banks, Orchard, and Walnut
• KIT 4 colors: Sand Point, Pink Sky, Salmon, and Acorn
• KIT 5 colors: Natural, Float, Superior, and Deep Dive
• KIT 6 colors: Coho, Chartreuse, Superior, Deep Dive
• KIT 7 colors: Natural, Coho, Split Shot, and Rock Bottom


Yarn is dyed and ready to ship!